Apple Begins Taking IPad Pre Orders

It's difficult to present a listing of the top 5 sports accomplishments without stepping on someone's toes, however, these ought to be viewed as spectacular achievements, regardless of who your preferred athlete might be. The top five sporting achievements for all time:

1 - 1980 American Olympic Hockey Team

Not a soul gave the teenage boys who had only played together a while much chance up against the Soviets. The Russians were considered the most effective team inside the world. In 1979, they'd shown their dominance by defeating the NHL All Stars 6-0. In the event the U.S. team made it to the Olympic finals, it was only a subject in most people's minds in respect of how bad they can be defeated. Against all odds, they won 4-3. Sports Illustrated voted the bingo as the greatest sports moment of the 20th century.

2 - Jesse Owens 1936 Olympics

Adolph Hitler wished to show Germany's superiority from the Olympic Games when these were kept in Berlin in 1936. His basic lies and propaganda were filled up with hatred for everyone in addition to the white race. Jesse Owens put the nonsense to rest rather well by winning 4 gold medals about the Fuehrer's athletes.

Apple revealed new iPad models on Thursday, and they all go on sale starting today via Apple’s online store. Today is just the beginning of pre-sales, with iPads officially shipping to pre-order customers and arriving in stores sometime “late next week,” according to Apple.

Pricing for the new iPad mini, which is essentially the same as the existing model with Touch ID added and a new gold color option, starts at $399, while the iPad Air 2, with its full external and internal overhaul, begins at $499. Configuration options include 16, 64 and 128GB options, with both Wi-Fi only and LTE-capable models of each.

Delivery time for the new iPads is listed as October 23, which partly helps explain why the date wasn’t set in stone on stage. Apple seems to want to get these out the door as soon as possible, instead of staging a defined, singular street date, so they could be shipping them in batches as soon as they come off the line.

Our own initial impressions of the new iPads found that the iPad Air 2 is a marked upgrade even from last year’s version, but as for the iPad mini 3, unless you have a burning desire for Touch ID or you’re upgrading from a first-gen Mini, it might be worth holding off on a purchase.

3 - Secretariat's Triple Crown

The naysayers considered Secretariat would fade in the last and longest race of the Triple Crown. Many horses before had done well in the Kentucky Derby and also the Preakness, but when it found the Belmont Stakes that they had faltered. The fantastic horse gave the impression to prey on this and left any competitor within the dust in essentially the most lopsided wins inside the status for the sport.

4 - Wilt Chamberlain's 100 Point Game

That it was on March 2, 1962 in Hershey, Pennsylvania. We have witnessed many great players with amazing performances after that, but none of them have approached this feat. The story plot goes that with 46 seconds left, Wilt the Stilt performed a slam-dunk off an alley-oop hitting the century mark. Greater than 200 of the paying spectators stormed down in the stands to execute to touch the super star. Based on the NBA, the final seconds of the action were never played.

5 - Michael Phelps 8 Gold Medals

Everyone felt that Mark Spitz had accomplished what few other man could ever wish to achieve together with his 7 gold medals won in swimming. From the Summer Olympics of 2008, Michael Phelps not merely won one more, but he set 7 new records while in the process. Needless to say, you can always find new accomplishments to get earned in the world of sports along with the field is available for first time achievements with daily that passes.

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