It is sometimes complicated to present a summary of the top five sports accomplishments without stepping on someone's toes, however these end up being deemed as breathtaking achievements, it doesn't matter who your selected athlete might be. The five sporting achievements for all time:

1 - 1980 American Olympic Hockey Team

Not a soul gave the teenage boys who had only played together a while much chance from the Soviets. The Russians were considered the top team inside the world. In 1979, on the list of shown their dominance by defeating the NHL All Stars 6-0. As soon as the U.S. team made it to the Olympic finals, it was only a matter generally in most people's minds in respect of how bad they would be defeated. Against all odds, they won 4-3. Sports Illustrated voted mafia wars since the greatest sports moment of the 20th century.

2 - Jesse Owens 1936 Olympics

Adolph Hitler planned to show Germany's superiority from the Olympic Games when these people were held in Berlin in 1936. His basic lies and propaganda were filled with hatred for anybody rather than the white race. Jesse Owens position the nonsense unwind rather well by winning 4 gold medals from the Fuehrer's athletes.

Ken Wyatt says he is “hopeful” of finding a resolution to the copyright and licensing issues surrounding the Aboriginal flag, as politicians join the call for a solution.

“The Aboriginal flag is a strong symbol for Aboriginal Australians and is respected by many non-Aboriginal Australians,” the minister for Indigenous Australians said in a statement.

“My hope is to find a way to respect the rights of the flag’s creator and for the flag to continue to play a unifying role.”

Labor’s spokesperson on Indigenous affairs, Linda Burney, said she had spoken with the minister and shared the view that “we need to find a way so that the flag remains the property of First Nations people”.


Government could buy Aboriginal flag copyright to settle dispute, lawyer says

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‬In a social media video released last week, Burney said she has a tattoo of the flag on her left arm.

“‪The Aboriginal flag is an important symbol to Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians alike.

“The controversy around it at the moment are difficult and often legalistic issues,” she said. “I hope that we can find a resolution to the present issue.”

Federal MP Bob Katter said he had written to the prime minister requesting the government claim copyright ownership of the Aboriginal flag.

“It is outrageous that this great symbol which is respected throughout Australia has been used for commercial gain as is the case currently with the Queensland non-Indigenous, privately owned organisation which currently owns the clothing licence,” Katter said in a statement.

A leading copyright lawyer has suggested the federal government could buy the rights from Harold Thomas so the design could be made public.

The former CEO of the Australian Copyright Council, Fiona Phillips, said the legal status of the Aboriginal flag was a “unique situation” that required a public policy solution.

“The Aboriginal flag is not just an artistic work, it’s a national symbol and is particularly important to Indigenous Australians,” said Phillips, who has also worked at the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission and as a government adviser on copyright law.

A spokesperson for Wam Clothing, which has worldwide exclusive rights to reproduce the flag on clothing, said it welcomed anyone, “including the government, to contact us with respect to the use of the Aboriginal flag under our licence”.

Copyright of the flag rests with its designer, Luritja artist Harold Thomas, after the federal court found he was the sole copyright owner in 1997.

Thomas entered into a number of licensing arrangements over the years, most recently with the non-Indigenous-owned company Wam Clothing in November 2018.

Last week Wam Clothing sent notice to at least one company, the Aboriginal-owned social enterprise Spark Health, to stop producing clothing featuring the design.

Spark Health produced a range called “Clothing the gap”, the profits from which go towards Aboriginal health education programs. Spark Health said it was currently seeking legal advice.

Wam Clothing is part-owned by Queensland businessman Ben Wooster, who has had a long association with Harold Thomas, as a licensee of the flag.

A spokesperson for Wam Clothing said the company “has a strong desire to promote the Aboriginal flag in a positive light”, and “has been actively inviting any organisations, manufacturers and sellers who wish to use the Aboriginal flag on clothing to contact us and discuss their options”.

Wooster was sole owner of Birubi Art, a now-defunct company found by the federal court to have “made false or misleading representations that products it sold were made in Australia and hand-painted by Australian Aboriginal persons, in breach of the Australian consumer law”.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) is seeking a $2m to $2.5m penalty against Birubi Art, to signify the “serious cultural harm” done by fake Aboriginal art.

These harms were “grave and far-reaching” and involved “not just direct economic loss but a weakening of the value of the authentic products” and an “erosion of consumer confidence in the entire sector”, the ACCC told the court.

Katter acknowledged the problems arising from ownership by the government and suggested the rights be handed to a respected body.

He also said a legal situation should be avoided where anyone at all could use the flag.

“I specifically reference one example where the Aboriginal flag was used in a nefarious way by an American racist organisation that had branches in Australia,” Katter’s statement said.

3 - Secretariat's Triple Crown

The naysayers believed that Secretariat would fade in the 3rd and longest race on the Triple Crown. Many horses before tried well within the Kentucky Derby along with the Preakness, but gets hotter located the Belmont Stakes on the list of faltered. The fantastic horse perceived to are nourished by this and left almost every other competitor inside dust in essentially the most lopsided wins inside good reputation for the sport.

4 - Wilt Chamberlain's 100 Point Game

That it was on March 2, 1962 in Hershey, Pennsylvania. There has been many great players with amazing performances after that, but none of them have approached this feat. The story plot goes by purchasing 46 seconds left, Wilt the Stilt performed a slam-dunk off an alley-oop to strike the century mark. A lot more than 200 from the paying spectators stormed down on the stands to do to the touch the super star. Using the NBA, the final seconds of the adventure were never played.

5 - Michael Phelps 8 Gold Medals

Everyone felt that Mark Spitz had accomplished what hardly any other man could ever anticipate to achieve along with his 7 gold medals won in swimming. While in the Summer Olympics of 2008, Michael Phelps not just won a further, but he set 7 new records while in the process. Not surprisingly, you can always find new accomplishments to be created in the concept of sports as well as field is spacious for new achievements with everyday that passes.

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